Gigi Speltz Executive Producer, Writer

gigiGigi Speltz wrote the film centered around the character of Ray Washington, played by Ryan Robertson. Her goal was to do an action movie with a twist. She structures Dishwasher so you're not sure who's at blame for events. The audience is taken for a ride as well as the characters.

Gigi is an accomplished award winning writer who has written multiple screenplays. She's also currently working on a variety of books.

With the use of locations such as Fiddler's Green Irish Pub, and other local sites the budget could be controlled to create this action packed feature.


In a recent list of most undesirable professions, “Dishwasher” ranked slightly worse than “prostitute”, but slightly better than “panhandler”. Which is to say, 4 out of 5 people surveyed would sooner sell themselves for sex than scrape half-eaten
leftovers off the plates of strangers.

Ray Washington, like many dishwashers, has his share of mental issues. Ray has worked a series of low-paying jobs ever since he was dishonorably discharged from the Marines in the 1990's.

Ray takes a job at an Irish Pub and becomes an eyewitness to murder when the pub's owner is shot and killed in a robbery.  Ray recognizes one of the robbers as his martial arts sparring partner, Kevin Green, but he soon realizes that things are not exactly what they seem to be. Ray confronts Kevin and tries to discover the truth about his employer's death, with the help of his mysterious martial arts instructor.

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